Hypnosis Entertainment with a Twist

H'pnotix = Hypno-Comedy with a Las Vegas entertainment flair.

H'pnotix stars Master Hypnotherapist Ken Owens, with special comedy co-star, Hollywood & Broadway Actress Kit Smythe (Gilligan's Island original Ginger!). And yes, you too will witness a male in child-birth.

Why A Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show? Your audience members will enjoy a highly memorable event where some of them volunteer to actually become the stars of the show!

The H'pnotix Difference! H'pnotix brings a different perspective to the more traditional hypnosis stage shows.

  • H'pnotix is a comedy stage hypnosis show with an extra twist of comedy. The interactive participation between Ken, Kit, the onstage volunteers, and the seated audience is not seen at other hypnosis shows.

  • H'pnotix is a story-themed show versus a hodge-podge of hypnotic rountines typically seen at other shows. In fact, a story-line can be customized for your corporate event which ties in your products and services into the hilarious routine for your private function.

  • The unexpected old-Hollywood style comedy that Kit brings to the story of the show is not seen in any other performing hypnosis show.

  • You have seen Ken on , now bring him to your venue!

    For booking information to bring this hilarious show to your venue, contact bookings@hpnotix.com

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